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to add an rss feed to your author page, select manage blog feeds under the manage blog feeds section on the right side of the author page screen. then, click add new feed on the page that appears. amazon.in*

money, don't get started by looking at reviews. go back to the drawing board. you can product works or isn't working. if the reviews are positive, you have a good product

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amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, with 'books' being a bestselling category. more than 150 million subscribers have access to ku's library of books. and we know just how popular amazon's kindle reading device is. it's no surprise that amazon has been a hot spot for self-publishing indies. what is kindle unlimited publishing?

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ultimately, fake reviews aren't the worst kind of misleading content that internet companies are failing to eradicate. but they are another example of how, when you have a massive enough cash-printing (or cash-burning) internet machine, systemic problems can spiral out of control while you were head down making the line go up. and sometimes those problems incentivize all kinds of bad or weird stuff. in this case: a small industry of people cashing in on making bad products look good - and once that's all in motion, it's difficult to untangle the mess the big money machine made. amazon has been plagued with reviews that artificially boost product ratings for years. a washington post investigation back in 2018 found that obviously fake reviews dominated some product categories, including bluetooth headphones and health supplements.

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